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"Therapeutic Health Evaluation to Reverse Adverse Cardiometabolic Health Outcomes"

Chronic Illness has plagued many communities throughout the United States. Unfortunately due to the lack of basic healthcare education, improper diet and lack of treatment options this preventable disease impacts minority & low income communities disproportionately compared to others. 

Initially a research program targeted towards the local community, Colleges and Universities in the Florida area and now Nationwide.The correlation to Health Care, Education, Economic growth programs and initiatives are undeniable.


Chronic Illness can be prevented or detected early in order to slow progression through advanced prevention care. 

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"Our Health care system has failed when a Doctor fails to treat

an illness that is treatable"

 -Kevin Alan Lee,

The Split Mind: Schizophrenia from an Insider's Point of View

Our Mission

We are committed to transforming lives through personalized pharmaceutical services & Preventing Chronic illness or detecting it early in order to slow progression through advanced prevention care,  academic excellence, research superiority, and community service; all of which, prepare students for leading roles in the practice of pharmacy, research, and public health..

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Our Vision

Ensuring the overall health and healthcare outcomes of families, with a special emphasis on the chronically ill, as well as health equity for the vulnerable and underserved populations.