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Providing Care to Chronically Ill Clients with Diabetes, Depression, Heart Disease, Obesity, Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease


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"Prevention Is the Secret to Wellness"

- Dr. Emmanuel Inwang 

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Metabolism & Wellness

We'll help you take care of yourself from the inside out

Primary Care

Primary Prevention for your Healthcare needs


Based on your own DNA recieve Accurate Outcomes, Targeted Treatments & Hereditary Risk Factors Identified! Get a precise report card on what Prescription Meds you should be on 

Laboratory Services

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37 Million American adults have Chronic Kidney Disease while African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups remain the highest risk of Kidney Disease & Kidney Failure. 

African Americans are 3x more likely than White Americans to develop Kidney Failure. 

Chronic Illness can be prevented or detected early in order to slow progression through advanced prevention care. 

#REACHOUT - Chances are you know someone who deserves to know there is a better way!

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